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Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Agnes Mary  10 Aug 1912Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467988
2 Barnes, Bessie Mae  18 Feb 1911Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467987
3 Boothe, Robert Leroy  4 Aug 1922Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I468005
4 Chamblin, Alfred Ellis  15 Jul 1907Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467218
5 Colvin, Anna Lou  20 Aug 1928Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I304806
6 Colvin, Ralph Carl  3 Oct 1929Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I304807
7 Copas, Isaac Clayton  13 Aug 1879Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I177853
8 Copas, Minerva Ellen  Nov 1858Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I177849
9 Copas, Mirtie A.  Abt 1877Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I177852
10 Copas, Wilson William  May 1872Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I177851
11 Corrill, Doris Mae  30 May 1925Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467889
12 Corrill, Shirley Geneva  5 Apr 1919Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467888
13 Evans, ---  5 May 1933Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467307
14 Evans, Alpha  8 Jun 1944Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467338
15 Evans, Bessie Lee  19 Apr 1895Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467044
16 Evans, David Paul  29 Aug 1911Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467097
17 Evans, Edna Mae  11 Sep 1924Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467394
18 Evans, Elmer Wilson  10 Jan 1911Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467393
19 Evans, Harriet Grace  28 Aug 1901Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467094
20 Evans, Homer F.  23 Aug 1921Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467297
21 Evans, Jessie Maxine  26 Nov 1923Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467298
22 Evans, Maude Merle  6 Jul 1905Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467096
23 Evans, Mollie  Jun 1910Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I468645
24 Evans, Nellie Jane  Jul 1903Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467095
25 Hafer, ---  8 Mar 1911Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I468305
26 Hafer, Adria Edith  17 Dec 1914Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467705
27 Hafer, Bessie Lee  14 Sep 1891Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467056
28 Hafer, Carl Glen  19 Oct 1918Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467635
29 Hafer, Charles Albert  3 Feb 1894Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467057
30 Hafer, Cody Amos  15 Dec 1889Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466990
31 Hafer, Cora Alice  31 Aug 1885Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467054
32 Hafer, Daisy Lee  23 Sep 1921Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I468134
33 Hafer, Dorothy Kathleen  18 Feb 1924Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467708
34 Hafer, Earl Dale  24 Nov 1917Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467046
35 Hafer, Edna Ethel  21 Oct 1901Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467061
36 Hafer, Elatha E.  15 Apr 1866Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466971
37 Hafer, Elma Florence  28 Jul 1896Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467059
38 Hafer, Emily H.  Abt 1876Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I468395
39 Hafer, Ernest Byron  9 Mar 1901Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I468304
40 Hafer, Esley Ruth  5 Jan 1906Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467571
41 Hafer, Eugene Joseph  29 May 1915Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467836
42 Hafer, Garnette Opal  15 Oct 1905Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467049
43 Hafer, George Frank  4 Jan 1880Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467051
44 Hafer, George Milton  4 Feb 1909Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467636
45 Hafer, George Thomas  14 Feb 1855Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466967
46 Hafer, Georgia Clarice  25 Apr 1912Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466994
47 Hafer, Hazel Mae  24 Jan 1916Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467606
48 Hafer, Ida Delilah  27 Aug 1873Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466966
49 Hafer, Ida E.  20 May 1887Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467055
50 Hafer, Irma Ethel  7 Jan 1916Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467706

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Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Altman, Mary  10 Mar 1900Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466958
2 Cook, Louisa  21 Jan 1921Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I468388
3 Cooper, Ella P.  16 Apr 1919Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466957
4 Copas, James  24 Jul 1895Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I82960
5 Copas, Mahala A.  23 Mar 1874Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I177846
6 Douglas, Myrtle  20 Jul 1924Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I468346
7 Evans, ---  5 May 1933Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467307
8 Evans, Alpha  8 Jun 1944Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467338
9 Evans, Bessie Ethyl  24 Jan 1926Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467291
10 Evans, Dale  29 Apr 1926Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467302
11 Evans, Homer Wilson  15 May 1929Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467392
12 Evans, Isom Daniel  12 Sep 1915Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467093
13 Evans, Mollie  Nov 1910Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I468645
14 Evans, Thomas Jefferson  12 Oct 1934Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I468387
15 Fite, Anna Florence  13 Apr 1934Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467026
16 Hafer, ---  8 Mar 1911Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I468305
17 Hafer, Charles Albert  10 Feb 1894Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467057
18 Hafer, Elatha E.  4 Feb 1868Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466971
19 Hafer, Esley Ruth  17 Jan 1915Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467571
20 Hafer, George Milton  11 Feb 1909Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467636
21 Hafer, George Thomas  16 Jul 1927Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466967
22 Hafer, Ida Delilah  16 Feb 1941Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466966
23 Hafer, Ida E.  2 May 1890Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467055
24 Hafer, Mary Exeline  9 Sep 1918Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467488
25 Hafer, Mary Jane  7 Sep 1862Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466969
26 Hafer, Mildred  11 Aug 1938Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466985
27 Hafer, Nancy Anne  22 May 1936Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466972
28 Hafer, Nancy Ellen  5 Jul 1925Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466991
29 Hafer, Nina Mae  10 May 1904Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467062
30 Hafer, Rosetta Belle  22 Sep 1916Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466954
31 Hafer, Roy A.  13 May 1895Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467058
32 Hafer, Samuel W.  7 May 1891Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467052
33 Hafer, Sarah E.  16 Feb 1876Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466970
34 Hafer, Seneca M.  1895Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466953
35 Hafer, Valentine Hush  4 Feb 1912Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466952
36 Hafer, Valentine Hush  19 Nov 1945Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466986
37 Hafer, Wylie Oren  12 Jan 1916Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467045
38 Hodge, Minor  23 Apr 1920Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I597673
39 Miller, Irvin Lovan  24 Nov 1943Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I222772
40 Newman, Roby Paul  4 Nov 1939Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I938137
41 Newman, Roy Lee  15 Jan 1926Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I938140
42 Ogden, Edgar Lewis  25 Feb 1931Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I468371
43 Ogden, Lewis Franklin  15 Apr 1944Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466974
44 Ogden, Otis Oran  9 Feb 1976Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466979
45 Ogden, William Walter  2 Aug 1939Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I468343
46 Price, Ora Beatrice  11 Dec 1940Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I467001
47 Price, Orval Lester  16 Jul 1936Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466995
48 Shaw, Mary Jane  29 Jun 1924Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466981
49 Webb, Nancy  19 Jan 1904Jefferson Twp., Adams, OH I466963

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