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Logan Twp., Blair, PA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, Catherine Elizabeth  15 Sep 1914Logan Twp., Blair, PA I597841
2 Bailey, Ella M.  13 Jul 1911Logan Twp., Blair, PA I655130
3 Beltz, Edgar James  21 Dec 1912Logan Twp., Blair, PA I23175
4 Benton, Charles E.  19 Jul 1910Logan Twp., Blair, PA I246287
5 Benton, Harvey Ross  22 Jan 1916Logan Twp., Blair, PA I246289
6 Benton, Kathryn E.  22 Feb 1913Logan Twp., Blair, PA I246288
7 Benton, Mary Lavina  25 Nov 1911Logan Twp., Blair, PA I246298
8 Benton, Mary Lucinda  16 Nov 1919Logan Twp., Blair, PA I614712
9 Benton, Sheldon Long  5 Aug 1908Logan Twp., Blair, PA I246286
10 Brooks, Gerald Emory  22 May 1908Logan Twp., Blair, PA I719460
11 Brooks, Gertrude E.  33 May 1908Logan Twp., Blair, PA I719459
12 Brown, Ai Ernest Jr.  23 Jun 1922Logan Twp., Blair, PA I475887
13 Brown, Marian Lou  25 Dec 1926Logan Twp., Blair, PA I475889
14 Brown, Martha Jane  9 Dec 1930Logan Twp., Blair, PA I475890
15 Brown, Pauline B.  Abt 1924Logan Twp., Blair, PA I475888
16 Brown, Richard Eugene  16 Nov 1928Logan Twp., Blair, PA I247032
17 Burket, Donald  27 Sep 1925Logan Twp., Blair, PA I410041
18 Cashman, John Lloyd Jr.  11 Jul 1919Logan Twp., Blair, PA I246185
19 Christian, Elmer G.  Oct 1868Logan Twp., Blair, PA I251127
20 Christian, Margaret  Abt 1858Logan Twp., Blair, PA I251129
21 Christian, Mary  1860Logan Twp., Blair, PA I456831
22 Christian, Mary Martha  3 Jul 1872Logan Twp., Blair, PA I251128
23 Christian, Matilda Jane  28 Dec 1863Logan Twp., Blair, PA I251126
24 Christian, Sarah A.  Abt 1861Logan Twp., Blair, PA I251130
25 Clark, Dorothy M.  22 Jun 1919Logan Twp., Blair, PA I411502
26 Cogan, Clair Hendricks  1 Jun 1912Logan Twp., Blair, PA I955227
27 Cogan, Edna Lucille  14 Jun 1920Logan Twp., Blair, PA I955228
28 Colyer, Cloyd William  31 Dec 1896Logan Twp., Blair, PA I405004
29 Davis, Sheldon Keister  30 Aug 1912Logan Twp., Blair, PA I29452
30 DeArmitt, James Elmer  6 Jun 1906Logan Twp., Blair, PA I719154
31 DeArmitt, William Franklin  18 Feb 1927Logan Twp., Blair, PA I720299
32 Delozier, Bertha Elwyn  7 Dec 1932Logan Twp., Blair, PA I243710
33 Delozier, John Elmer  22 Feb 1911Logan Twp., Blair, PA I243715
34 Delozier, Walter James  14 Feb 1912Logan Twp., Blair, PA I243708
35 Diehl, Belva Dorothea  3 Sep 1914Logan Twp., Blair, PA I233980
36 Diehl, Kathleen Elizabeth  4 Apr 1918Logan Twp., Blair, PA I233982
37 Diehl, Virginia R.  1 Jul 1920Logan Twp., Blair, PA I411995
38 Dively, Roy Edwin  5 Jan 1913Logan Twp., Blair, PA I233860
39 Dodson, Claud Edward  29 Apr 1899Logan Twp., Blair, PA I234296
40 Dodson, Genevieve M.  1 Mar 1921Logan Twp., Blair, PA I411232
41 Dodson, Maude Ethel  29 Apr 1900Logan Twp., Blair, PA I234297
42 Fries, Alice C.  8 Oct 1919Logan Twp., Blair, PA I469847
43 Fries, Paul Jacob  6 May 1906Logan Twp., Blair, PA I469842
44 Fries, Willis James  6 Oct 1912Logan Twp., Blair, PA I469844
45 Glass, Henry David  21 Oct 1912Logan Twp., Blair, PA I440795
46 Griffith, Charles Richard  9 Oct 1914Logan Twp., Blair, PA I205310
47 Hagerty, Carolyn Elizabeth  4 Feb 1897Logan Twp., Blair, PA I118721
48 Hagerty, Helen  8 Jan 1906Logan Twp., Blair, PA I118724
49 Hagerty, Isabel  15 May 1901Logan Twp., Blair, PA I118723
50 Hammond, Ada May  28 Feb 1900Logan Twp., Blair, PA I204900

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Acker, John Amos  28 Apr 1953Logan Twp., Blair, PA I229111
2 Adams, Sherwood Merrill  25 Aug 1963Logan Twp., Blair, PA I447413
3 Allison, Robert McClellan  9 Nov 1961Logan Twp., Blair, PA I719773
4 Aveni, James Edward  25 Jul 1984Logan Twp., Blair, PA I423563
5 Barton, Robert Edward  25 Feb 1954Logan Twp., Blair, PA I647108
6 Beigle, John Joseph  24 Feb 1952Logan Twp., Blair, PA I913922
7 Berman, Milvina Josephine  10 Apr 1939Logan Twp., Blair, PA I20059
8 Blackburn, Oliver Blair  7 May 1908Logan Twp., Blair, PA I28945
9 Blattenberger, Grace  12 Apr 1959Logan Twp., Blair, PA I538048
10 Bottorf, Nancy Clarissa  11 Jan 1923Logan Twp., Blair, PA I233682
11 Bowser, Edwin Ernest  1 Jun 1966Logan Twp., Blair, PA I840426
12 Brenneman, John Ridenour  26 Sep 1952Logan Twp., Blair, PA I965439
13 Brooks, Charles Calvin  27 Dec 1940Logan Twp., Blair, PA I404357
14 Burket, Annie Elizabeth  4 Mar 1968Logan Twp., Blair, PA I719135
15 Burket, Donald  11 Dec 1928Logan Twp., Blair, PA I410041
16 Burkett, Stewart Sherwood  24 Jun 1966Logan Twp., Blair, PA I719387
17 Claar, Francis Henry  30 Oct 1960Logan Twp., Blair, PA I550994
18 Claar, Malachi  30 Jul 1940Logan Twp., Blair, PA I376522
19 Claycomb, Essie May  1 Jun 1949Logan Twp., Blair, PA I234507
20 Claycomb, Mildred A.  10 Jan 2021Logan Twp., Blair, PA I133083
21 Claycomb, Thaddeus Arthur  1 Oct 1961Logan Twp., Blair, PA I404906
22 Colebaugh, Minty Mae  28 Nov 1967Logan Twp., Blair, PA I227076
23 Cox, Glen Allen  12 Dec 1953Logan Twp., Blair, PA I586451
24 Craw, Charlotte E.  25 Nov 2014Logan Twp., Blair, PA I572288
25 Croyle, Rachel  27 Apr 1935Logan Twp., Blair, PA I48028
26 Cruse, Blanche  11 Jan 1933Logan Twp., Blair, PA I162569
27 Deffibaugh, Joseph Warren  22 Oct 1954Logan Twp., Blair, PA I240086
28 Delozier, Bertha Elwyn  11 Jan 1933Logan Twp., Blair, PA I243710
29 Delozier, George William Jr.  15 Nov 2016Logan Twp., Blair, PA I602204
30 Delozier, John Elmer  6 Mar 1911Logan Twp., Blair, PA I243715
31 Dibert, David Wilbur  16 Oct 1920Logan Twp., Blair, PA I238266
32 Dicken, Billie Jeanne  28 Nov 2015Logan Twp., Blair, PA I600042
33 Dicken, Marshall Earl  21 Dec 1957Logan Twp., Blair, PA I169019
34 Dively, Adam Solomon  9 Apr 1968Logan Twp., Blair, PA I654284
35 Dively, Albert Paul  15 Mar 1966Logan Twp., Blair, PA I249928
36 Dively, Harry Shannon  8 Jul 1964Logan Twp., Blair, PA I228518
37 Dodson, Chalmer H.  29 Aug 1928Logan Twp., Blair, PA I411234
38 Dodson, Ruth Estella  29 Aug 1928Logan Twp., Blair, PA I411233
39 Dull, Mildred M.  10 May 2020Logan Twp., Blair, PA I431106
40 Eicher, Paul Ivan  7 Nov 1962Logan Twp., Blair, PA I231273
41 Eyler, James Irvin  22 Dec 1961Logan Twp., Blair, PA I394582
42 Feather, David  16 Oct 1916Logan Twp., Blair, PA I238346
43 Felix, Jackson Edmund  20 Apr 1977Logan Twp., Blair, PA I992271
44 Felix, Trabert Clark  8 Jun 1954Logan Twp., Blair, PA I992272
45 Figart, Paul Warren  25 Jan 1932Logan Twp., Blair, PA I606380
46 Fink, Valentine  16 Jul 1915Logan Twp., Blair, PA I421902
47 Finnegan, Valentine Augustus  17 Nov 1933Logan Twp., Blair, PA I810861
48 Flaugh, Clyde F.  6 Apr 2016Logan Twp., Blair, PA I469232
49 Frysinger, Jacob  16 Apr 1963Logan Twp., Blair, PA I883051
50 Gates, Joseph Elvin  28 Oct 1960Logan Twp., Blair, PA I422609

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bennett / Noye  25 Feb 1952Logan Twp., Blair, PA F381508
2 Rohm / Shaffer  8 Nov 1948Logan Twp., Blair, PA F109004
3 Walters / Walker  23 Feb 1905Logan Twp., Blair, PA F361954

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